eBay / Amazon Listings Bulk Upload

We provide bulk upload facility to jump start your listing process, convert to any template of your choice, or upload to any market place of your choice. you don’t have to be a genius in order to list items on eBay/Amazon, but, the question is how to list thousands of items for a large volume eBay business, maintain ROI, accounts, sales and strategies that will generate the most profit. We provide specialized eBay /Amazon Bulk Products Listing services to automate the task of listing your items on eBay/Amazon. We take the pain out of listing process

  • We can directly covert your existing listing or list new items
  • Optimize item titles to make them eBay friendly
  • Keyword stuff item titles and ensure they are under 80 characters in length
  • Setup store categories on ebay
  • Map the ebay store categories with your product inventory
  • Map each inventory item to a relevant eBay category
  • Converting your custom inventory spread sheet into an ebay bulk upload format
  • Upload the products in batches of 500 or 1000 to your ebay account, depending on your total inventory size
  • Ensure that everything is setup perfectly!

The tools we use are:

  • Turbo Lister
  • File Exchange
  • Blackthorne
  • Selling Manager Pro
  • Third Party tools like Inkfrog, ChannelAdvisor, Auctiva, etc.
  • In-house developed tool to automate listing, scheduling, etc.

Are you a dropshipper ? Or Are you venturing into a new Dropship business on eBay and does your dropshipper website/catalogue have thousands of products listed? Our experts at Templateguru retrieve all the product listing data from your supplier website and use that information to create your products on ebay, and apply any listing template that you may use. You can pass us the details of the website that you want to copy from or any other way , we will take care of listing.

  • Do you have over 100,000 items to upload to ebay?
  • Do you want to upload 50,000 items in 10 days?
  • How can you manage over 50,000 items in your ebay inventory?

We have a combined experience of over 10000 man hours in listing items and dealing with eBay customers. We know eBay inside-out, and are here to streamline the process of large businesses who wish to venture into the ebay market to sell their thousands of items.

Contact us NOW to setup your ebay/Amazon business and to add products in your eBay Store or Amazon store!