eBay / Amazon / Play listing Management

We have a vast experience in Online Marketplace so We can advise you on strategies, pricing and postage profiles so that your business is geared up to be a success on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Design & Build
We can also help you design and upload this on your store. One of the first tasks in a project is to design and install an eBay shop. Our design team has experience in designing and setting up eBay stores across many categories including fashion, electronics and media.

Customer Services
Your business can leverage our expertise in marketplace customer service. We offer phone support, over the phone over receiving service and email answering support too.

Listing Management
This is one of the most important and key area for any online business , We take the pain out of listing creation. We will create a listing for your on each platform , Not only this but we design your keywords and listing in such a way that will increase your sales with maximum potential. We will provide day to day update on your listings and selling performance , We will identify the relevant products for you and marketplaces to sale your products.

You can benefit from our experience on various matters , Like shipping, packaging material etc and you can always enjoy the lowest rate and get all your supplies best rate in the market

Email us on contact@templateguru.co.uk for more details.